About Us  

Heidorn Consulting is an actuarial and systems consulting firm that has been providing its clients with actuarial solutions and software innovations for a number of years. We are located in the Near West Suburbs of Chicago. Heidorn Consulting prides itself in the quality of service it provides to its clients. More->


Heidorn Consulting provides actuarial services such as financial reporting, product development, and Marketing. Currently, Heidorn Consulting provides valuation actuary services (including cash flow testing), illustration actuary services, and life and annuity product development and filing services for its clients. More->


Heidorn Consulting also specializes in customizing software applications for the user. Heidorn Consulting has developed IlluStar™, its "mod-reg" compliant life and annuity sales illustration software, and Admin™, its life and annuity home office administration software for the small-to-mid-sized organizations. More->